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Hand-piled vegetation permit - For most outdoor burning purposes

  •  Available online at
  •  24-hour service
  •  Easy to use system
  •  Issued for natural, hand-piled vegetation, to manage:
    •  leaf and limb piles w grass and shrub clippings
    •  vegetative disposal from storm damage
    •  weed abatement
    •  disease/pest prevention

Machine-piled debris/acreage burn permits - for bigger jobs

  •  Issued by your local GFC Unit; visit for contact information
  •  Used only for burning of agricultural, silvicultural and land clearing operations 



  •  Get a burn permit before you start
  •  Tools needed
    •  Rake
    •  Water hose
    •  Shovel
  • Wear proper clothing
    •  Long pants
    • Long sleeves
    •  Sturdy boots
    •  Gloves
    •  Safety glasses
  •  Clear 25-foot or more area around debris pile
  •  Never use flammable liquids to start fire
  •  Start fire downwind of your pile
  •  Never leave fire unattended
  •  Ensure fire is completely extinguished and pile is cool to the touch



From May through September, state air quality regulations pro-hibit outdoor burning in 54 counties, mostly in north Georgia. Check for full details. When burning is allowed, your smoke is your responsibility. To minimize smoke:

  •  Burn smaller piles - they produce less smoke
  •  Burn dry piles - wet piles produce more smoke
  •  Burn on clear days - smoke stagnates on cloudy, overcast days
  •  Burn with a little wind - this helps disperse smoke
  •  Avoid dirt in your piles - dirt holds moisture which produces smoke
  •  Avoid early-morning and night burning - smoke lingers during these times
  •  Be a good neighbor - inform your neighbors of burn plans and if smoke becomes a problem, put your fire out


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